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Profile of Interlock Tiles Manufacturing

Interlock tiles are concrete precast products that have a great strength, being extremely resistant. This type of tiles are preferred for paving different walkways or driveways, in both private or public spaces, as well as indoor spaces, such as garages, due to their high resistance and to the ease of movement and walking they provide, as well as for aesthetic purposes, offering many types of pavement design options. For example, interlock tiles of different colors can be combined to create a specific pattern desired by the client. Two, three or more colors can be chosen and combined for creating the pavement. The companies that are specialized in interlock tiles manufacturing in Dubai provide a wide range of solutions at the best prices, covering the needs in any type of project.

In comparison with standard tiles, interlock tiles do not need to be glued, but simply laid down and kept firm, using compacted sand, which is inserted under them and in the gaps between them. Interlock tiles are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, thicknesses and colors and can be chosen according to the needs and requirements of the client. Standardized options, as well as customized ones can be purchased, in order to suit any paving needs.

The installation process is very easy and fast in the case of interlock tiles, compared with other paving options available on the market. No special tools are required to install them, since they can be assembled manually in the most simple way. Only when the final row of interlock tiles is installed, when it is noticed that there might not be enough room for entire tiles, general hand tools like jigsaws or circular saws are necessary for cutting them in the necessary size, in order to fit properly in the available space.


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