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Aluminium products – an old but a new trend in construction

Given that, construction is a domain under constant development, a lot of people from modern cities, such as Dubai (United Arab Emirates), started working in this area. Working in such a domain it is not an easy job to do, even if you are a project engineer or a simple worker.

The first thing that people who are interested in this area have to do is to keep up with the new trends regarding the building materials and choose the best of them. Lately, for example, the sales have increased in the sector of aluminium products.

Aluminium is a chemical element which is noted with AL, in the table of chemical symbols. A good fact is that aluminium is a common chemical element, occupying the third position, as land spreading, after oxygen and silicon. This is the reason why the aluminium products are used in large scale in construction.

Also, aluminium is a thermally and electrically conductive, being used in the electrochemical industry too. It is important to notice that, people appreciate aluminium products thanks to the fact that they have a good corrosion resistance. In 2008, the aluminium reached the highest price: 1.45 USD per pound. In 1943, it was recorded the largest aluminium production in the world, because of the Second World War: not less then 2,000,000 tons.

What does aluminium products mean and how are they used?

Firstly, the aluminium products can be used in the construction of automobiles. Through the use of aluminium in automobiles construction it is possible to reduce weight by up to 50 percent. The average European car, for example, contains about 132 kg of aluminium.

Secondly, aluminium is also used in the construction of buses and trucks. It helps reduce CO2 emissions by about 28 kg.

Thirdly, because the methods of producing energy in an ecological manner are very fashionable lately, aluminium products help at building solar panels. Thus, in a lot of developing countries the number of photovoltaic parks has recently increased.

The new requirements regarding energy efficiency are increasing the importance of the fact that designers should find solutions for building energy efficient houses. Many of their efforts are focused on the windows. That is why they reached the conclusion that windows made of aluminium are a real must in a modern house.

Fourthly, in big touristic cities, such as Dubai, there are a lot of recreational boats made of aluminium products. Sometimes instead of using aluminium, people usually choose polyester. But it is not as safe as aluminium.

Profile of Aluminium Fabricators, Metal Products Manufacturing, Building Metal Products Manufacturing

Comprising a little over 8% of the earth’s crust aluminium is the most abundant metal on this planet and it is the third most common element after oxygen and silicon. With time aluminium has become the first choice for a diverse range of products and utilities. It can be processed in various ways and the right kind of way is picked after understanding better about the raw material. Studies tell that 75% of aluminium which was produced since its discovery is still in use, by this you can understand the durability and sustainability of this amazing metal.Aluminium Sheetsare one of the most common products that you will find in the market.

There are various reasons to pick aluminium over any other metal:

• Lightness: Its specific weight is 2.7 g/cm3, which is one-third that of steel. In vehicles, aluminium reduces unnecessary weight and therefore fuel consumption. It is thus widely used in the making of vehicles.

• Packaging material: Releasing no taste or toxins, aluminium is ideal for beverage, food and pharmaceutical packaging. Cans are commonly found in shops.

• Strength of the metal: Aluminium’s strength can be adapted to the application required by modifying the composition of its alloys. Certain alloys are as strong as steel.

• Corrosion-resistance: The metal naturally generates protective oxide coating which is very useful for protection and conservation.

• Conductivity: Twice as good a conductor of heat and electricity as copper (based on weight), aluminium is now playing a major role in power transmission lines.

• Ductility: Aluminium has a low density and melting point so the products can be formed up to the last stages of production.

• Reflective: As a reflector of heat and light, aluminium is suitable for such applications as solar technology and rescue blankets.

• No taste and No odor: Aluminium foil is the most common and basic example of its usage in food and pharmaceutical packaging.

• Recyclable: Aluminium is 100% and infinitely recyclable with no deterioration in quality. Various Aluminium Profiles are available in the market.

To use it as a construction material it must be mixed with small amount of other metal, when proper amount of material is mixed the strength of the metal can come equal to the strength of steel. Its strength, flexibility and durability makes it amazing choice for various kinds of applications.


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