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  • Phone +971-4-8853930
  • Fax +971-4-8854917
  • Box No.242241
  • CityDubai
  • LocationDubai Aviation City, Logistics Way, Plot No DLC -FF-I-FB 134
  • Listed inCargo Loading and Unloading Services Dubai

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Who are WE ?

AKM is a food products distribution company that caters to the retail, food service and wholesale markets. We combine quality products with a reliable and friendly service and great prices that will maximize the value that you get out of your supplies. We source world-class products and deliver them via our own distribution team. You can count on us to deliver products to you on time, every time. "Great products, reliably delivered. That's how we work."

State of the Art Facility

AKM has built and installed a state of the art warehouse and supply chain management system with all modern amenities and technology. We have temperature controlled environments for storing Frozen Foods (-2,0°C ), Chilled Foods (± 5°C), Ambient and Dry Foods. We have one of the most advanced mobile racking system, selective racking, mechanised loading, off loading docks. 24/7 security and monitoring system with pre-programmed access control. Mobile racking systems are designed to efficiently utilise the floor space, to maximise the storage capacity. All our Warehouses are designed with mtr. Clear height the attain optimum storage space. AKM can accomodate around 5000 MT of Frozen Foods, 300 MT Chilled, and 3000 MT Dry Foods. We are equipped with a 3000 SciFt of Temperature controlled staging and 7000SciFt. of Ambient Loading I Offloading Area. With 6 van and 3 Container bays, we ensure high throughput of all goods transitions.

Frozen / Chilled / Dry

We have two Freezer rooms with 4344 (2172 each) Pallet locations. When utilized fully it can accommodate approximately 5000 Mt of frozen material. Both Freezers are designed with mobile racking system and » Mtr clear height, for optimal utilisation of space. Storage and racking conditions are monitored from a centralised location and fully logged with event data. To complement the system, AKM has an advanced SCM application to locate and put away goods based on predefined product category and movement practices. Also we have 320 Chilled Pallet locations for temperature controlled Dairy / Meat products. Chiller can be configured to maintain ± 5°C as per the requirement of the product. Selective racking has been adopted for the Dry storage area for ease of movement. The Dry Store can accommodate in excess of 3000 MT of goods.



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